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A Slow day today

Nothing much happening today - a couple of raffle prizes arrived - so thanks to Milestones in Basingstoke and the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth.  We will be selling raffle tickets on the day of some of the events so more details nearer the time. 

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Hampshire Chronicle

Hampshire Chronicle have published Megan's story and she made it on the front page.

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Eastleigh News Extra

Great news - Megan's Quest is on the front page.

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Megan's Banner

Collected Megan's banner today for Megan's Quest - it's very big!!!

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Southern Evening Echo

Megan's story is in the Echo today - the reporter has covered her story really well - hope everyone enjoy's reading it.

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Daily Echo

Yesterday we had a reporter from the Daily Echo.  We are hoping they are going to follow our journey.  She said that hopefully our story will be in the Daily Echo, Hampshire Chronicle and the Advertiser.  Once the article is published I will attached it to Megan's website. 

Thanks for everyone's support - We have been well and truly overwhelmed.

Soon we should have one extra tab on the website entitled "thank you,s" - it will be a long list!!!

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Latest News

Had a bit of a shock today because we found out the exact cost of the operation - it's £43,000.  We will have to work hard to fund raise this but we will do it.

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