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Abe's Adventure

Abe is the georgous boy who lives nearby and is having SDR soon in St Louis.  Abe is in the Express and it is an excellent article.  The girl they refer to in this article is Megan. The article can be found under Megan's 'Links/Videos' tab :)

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Megan's new school shoes

Someone very kindly sent me some very strong rubber for Megan's school shoes as I was getting her school shoes re-heeled every 3 weeks.  I am pleased to say that the new rubber has been very successful and we are now 5 weeks in and they haven't even worn down half way yet.  The best news is that Megan said that walking now is far more comfortable as the rubber is much softer - I am one happy mum!!!!

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A beautful message

A couple of days ago I received this beautiful message and just wanted to share - I have taken out the names - this is why I keep supporting SDR: 

Hiya wanted u to know that it was Megan who inspired us to do this for XXXX .I couldn't even say the word sdr and then watched Megan's video,s and we were completely over whelmed so Thankyou so so much for sharing Megan's journey we will always be

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More Baking For Megan to help raise money!

Megan has been baking again.  She has made some cakes for Jake's Mission.  Jake has cerebral palsy and a visual impairment so his mum, who is a teacher at Megan's old school, is raising money for various therapies.  At the moment she is trying to raise money to get Spider Therapy for Jake :)

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A beautiful messge

I received this beautiful message - I have taken out the name(s) but this message meant such a lot to me and that's why I still remain so passionate about SDR.

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Megan's new challenge

Yesterday was Megan's second anniversary.  She wanted to do a long family walk which we did and fortunately the weather was just beautiful.  During the walk Megan announced that she wanted to walk up Snowdon!  Rob and I have agreed to take her during Easter or the Summer holidays.  In the evening she was so excited at the thought of walking up Snowdon that she said she wanted to be sponsored and wanted to raise money for SDR.  She hasn't decided whether to help raise money for someone going for SDR or support4SDR but just thought it was typical of Megan to think of others xx

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New Video

Last week Megan ran down stairs for the first time. Although I promised myself not to do anymore videos I thought I would just add one more video (famous last words) to celebrate two amazing years. The video can be viewed under 'Links/Videos' :)  Here are some of the lovely comments that people have made:

Tough to tell which is better....her running down the stairs or her smile. Both brought a smile to my face when I saw them. Very well done sister!!

Way to go Megan, you are a hero!

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Happy 2nd Anniversary to Megan

Today Megan reached 2 years post op.  This time 2 years ago on the 18 November 2010 she was on her way down to theatre for her life changing operation.  It has been an amazing two years and she has achieved so much.  6 months after SDR Dr Park said Megan would get even better which I found really hard to believe but she has and only last week she ran down the stairs for the first time.   As you can see from her website we still remain very passionate about SDR and we are trying to get the word out there as much as possible as there continues to be a lot of negativity from some consultants i

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Very Proud of Megan

Megan ran a small cake stall today at Abbey Gardens in Winchester to help raise money for Abe who is hoping to have the same operation as Megan.  She managed to raise £170.  Leigh (Abe's mum) has a lovely family and we also met Evie who had SDR back in March 2011 so we both really enjoyed ourselves.  Also thank you to Grandparents and an Auntie who turned up to buy some of Megan's cakes!!

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Megan's baking again!

Megan is busy baking cakes at the moment as tomorrow she will be selling cakes at Abbey Gardens in Winchester to help raise money for Abe's Adventure.  Abe is hoping to have SDR sometime next year.

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