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Megan's Return Trip to St Louis


Megan returned to the United States on the 1st August 2012.  As many of you know when Megan went for SDR back in November 2010 we had to leave our other two children behind so for the return trip it was great to be able to take all of our kids!  We decided to extend Megan’s return appointment to give the kids a holiday of a lifetime. 


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New Video

I have just added a new video of Megan at 20 months post op - it can be found under 'videos/links' tab along the top.  It shows a few more things that Megan has achieved.  Here are some of the comments I have received since posting the video on the SDR facebook group:


From Dr Matthew Dobbs:  I’m extremely proud of Megan!

From Dr Park: You should not worry about Megan’s future. Another vivid illustration of Megan’s progress by Mrs Vernon. This and two previous Megan’s videos will help many parents and children.

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Thank you for an incredible kind donation

Today we had a knock at the door and someone very kindly donated £450 towards Megan's Quest.  My husband explained that we were no longer fund raising but they kindly still handed over the cheque.  Megan will require orthotics for life so, although we do not need the money right now, this will definitely come in handy later on.  I wish I could have thanked him personally.

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March in London for SDR

On 4 November 2012 there will be a march in London - hopefully there will be lots of other families in the UK who can join us - many children are still not getting SDR in the UK and many families still travel to St Louis - hopefully enough awareness will eventually help children in the future.

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Money raised for support4SDR

As you may be aware Megan's Quest donated a canvas to Dr Park - the canvas had 70 SDR patients and it was presented to Dr Park at the SDR party earlier this year.  After the party many people asked for copies - in fact over 40 people requested a poster.  Over the last month I have been very busy organising this and last week the posters were finally sent out.  Many people made an extra donation towards the poster and £200.80 was raised - this money has now been sent to the support4SDR charity in the UK.  Details of the charity are as follows:

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Megan's story on the Cerebral Palsy Alliance Facebook Page

I was asked to write about Megan's story for the Cerebral Palsy Alliance Group - here it is!

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Whenever Megan goes swimming she either has a swimming instructor doing one to one lessons or has me in the water with her.  Today she went with one of her best friends and I watched from the cafe!  Another one of those joyous moments that would not have been possible if Megan had not of had SDR.  It was fantastic to watch her jumping in at the deep end and swimming without me worrying :) 

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Last week had a fantastic day and went for a family bike ride - this would never have been possible before SDR.  Megan actually managed to stand on her pedals (with bottom off the seat) - I would not have thought that this would have been possible - even after SDR!

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Another one of Megan's amazing achivements

As many of you know SDR has done wonders for Megan.  I know I have mentioned this so many times, but because of Megan's increased confidence her school work has improved so much - particularly now that she no longer gets so tired.  Megan will shortly be taking her SATS and then starting secondary school in September.

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Had a busy month - I have been fortunate to be contacted by a number of families who wanted to know about SDR. They are all amazing families and I truly wish them all the very best.

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