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SDR Party

Last night Megan, Grandma and myself attended the SDR party in Daventry.  We have had a fabulous weekend.  There were 9 families who attended so in total there were over 300 attending the party.  Dr Park and his wife were at the party, along with one of the St Louis physiotherapists.  Dr Acquilla who nows performs Dr Park's

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Firstly apologies for taking so long in updating Megan's website.  The good news is that Megan has done so well that we now just feel like a 'typical' family.  Megan continues to do a tiny bit of stretching which is nothing compared to the physio she used to do before SDR.  In a couple of weeks time we are off to the SDR party in

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Dr Park's Photo Collage

Dr Park's photo collage has now been finished.  Firstly thank you so much to Karen from Happy Canvases from Fair Oak.  She worked so hard on the artwork and has produced a beautiful picture.  70 people sent in their photos and all the names of the patients are listed on the canvas.  Dr Park will be presented with the canvas at the SDR Party in Daventry in

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House Captain!

As many of you know Megan's confidence has grown since SDR.  Yesterday she told me she put herself forward as house captain - something she never would have done before SDR.  Today she has come home feeling VERY proud of herself as she got voted in as house captain at school - I am very proud of Megan smiley

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New Year!

As you can see the blogs are now getting less and less.  Last year Megan really came such a long way and worked hard all the way through and it all paid off.  This Christmas was very different from last year.  This year just felt like a very ordinary and 'normal' Christmas which is wonderful - each year I used to wonder how Megan's walking would be the following year but now I do not have to worry about this thanks to SDR!  These posts are getting less now because Megan has really achieved everything - even about

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Megan has raised more money for a children's charity

Megan, and her friend Libby, cooked a three course meal on Saturday to help raise money for Esther so that she can run the London Marathon for Kidscape. They raised £158 - how amazing is that?!! Esther did a huge amount to help raise money for Megan's Quest so it was really nice to help her.  They went to a lot of effort and spent the whole day cooking - including home made chocolates!

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Meg's Bike Riding

As you know before SDR Megan could not ride a bike independently.  6 months after SDR she started to ride a normal two wheeler bike around the safety of the school playground - and was able to get on and off the bike by herself for the first time.  Today she actually went on her bike to the shops with her brother (just the two of them) which is something I thought she would never have the confidence to do.  She came back VERY pleased with he

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One Year On

Megan is now 12 months post op and she has come such a long way.  I have added a new video showing everyone her new hobby - I hope you are all suitably impressed.  I have also included some of her new achievements on the video as well.  Thank you again to everyone who supported Megan - she really is enjoying life.  Here are some of the lovely comments I have received regarding Megan's video:  

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List of SDR Patients for Dr Park's Collage

 Here are a list of names that will be on Dr Park's Photo Collage:     

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Megan is doing more fund raising!!

Megan is about to cook another meal to raise some money for Esther.  Esther was truly amazing last year and helped so much with Megan's Quest.  Esther now needs to raise money for a children's charity so she can run the London Marathon next year and Megan decided she would like to help Esther as Esther helped Megan last year smiley

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