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Just thought I would update Megan’s progress as I haven’t done so for a little while.  Obviously Megan’s progress has been amazing and life changing and she is nearly 4 years post op now.  Megan continues to do physiotherapy and I am just so grateful that she doesn’t have to do as much as she did before SDR.  We have a lovely lady called Tabatha who comes round once a week to do Megan’s stretches.  Unfortunately we have to pay for this ourselves as the NHS no longer fund her physiotherapy.  They did want to sign her off but I refused that because ultimately she will have to do stretching forever so I feel a little unhappy with the lack of support from the NHS L    Megan has continued to lead an active lifestyle and about 3 months ago I was so pleased because she asked to join a gym.  It was great to hear this because it was Megan’s choice, rather than me telling her to do something.  She has joined a local gym at a lovely local hotel and she uses the treadmill and pool at least once a week.  She has really picked up speed on the treadmill which is great and her swimming is definitely getting faster. 

She also has a new bike which she is really enjoying.  She is determined now to improve on turning around sharp bends on her bike.  She tends to stop and put her feet down to turn a very sharp corner as she feels unsteady.  Hopefully over the summer holiday she can master this.

She continues to do a huge amount of walking.  Last week our family walked 5 miles along the River Itchen and Megan lead most of the way.  It was so enjoyable to watch.

When I made her 6 month post op video, little did I know how many views it would get.  It now has nearly 20,000 hits!!!  I still get messages about her video and here are just a few I received this week:

well done megan you have done so well I have a granddaughter with cp she is 6 years old and I look at you and then her and would love her to have the sdr but it seems so daunting to me I cant get my head round any of it but seeing you sweetheart makes me want to try and get this for her all the best for the furture god bless xxx

Thank you for sharing your inspiring journey. Katrina is also 10, and just over two weeks post SDR surgery. Seeing the possibilities helps motivate the efforts of today. Also, very happy for the wonderful changes in your life.

congratulations on your hard work, we too are seeing a huge difference just after 3 months, so inspiring to see

So wonderful! I have tears of joy streaming down my face! Alexis is 6 months post-op and doing fabulous! I remember watching this video before submitting all the paperwork to St. Louis for approval. 

Megan continues to work hard at school and is taking her first GCSE 2 years early – I’m 100% positive that her increased confidence after SDR has enabled her to do so much better at school.

I am hoping to organise a get-to-together with SDR families from Hampshire.  There are a couple of mums who also would like to do this so I must try and organise something – at the moment life is a little bit busy!!


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