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Another Lovely Message!!

I just wanted to share this lovely message which I received this week.  (I have taken the names out).  It really is messages like these which keep me going with keeping Megan's website up to date.

Hello, my name is XXXX and I just have to tell you have much I love the
videos of you beautiful daughter Megan! My son is almost 4, has
hydrocephalus, spastic diplegic cerebral palsy and dystonia.  He will be
having SDR performed by Dr. Park in November and it is so encouraging for me
to see the wonderful progress your daughter has made and the hope that my son
will also be able to do the things she has accomplished!  We too must travel
(no where near as far as you) for the surgery and our insurance won't cover
it but we are hoping to be able to raise enough money so that XXXX can
have this surgery.  Thank you for sharing your daughters journey! !
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