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4 year SDR anniversary!!

Today Megan is 4 years post op - she had SDR on 18 October 2010. In the past I have made a video on every anniversary to celebrate her amazing achievements but last years video kind of topped it all when Megan walked up Snowdon (2,000ft - 4.5 miles) and she didn't even ache the next day! She is still just as strong and active today and I really couldn't ask for anything more. One thing I have noticed in Megan during the past 12 months is that her walking pace has got faster. Since SDR she has been able to walk very long distances but it always had to be at her pace. A few weeks ago we went to Luxembourg and she did a huge amount of walking and just kept up with the rest of the family and it really hit us just how far she has come. At the moment she is working hard towards her GCSE exams. She had to undertake a short speed writing test for the exams last week and her speed was amazingly above an 'average' child so due to her determination (and stubbornness!!) she refuses to have any extra time during exams even though she would struggle to keep up that speed of writing during a long exam. Megan's handwriting definitely improved after SDR and I am sure this is why Megan did so well in her speed writing test. Dr Park and Dr Dobbs you have truly changed Megan's life, and our families life, for the better - probably more than you will ever know!

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