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I haven't added any news on here for sometime now.  Life is so very different from pre SDR days.  In 2015 Megan took her German GCSE's two years early.  Her school work improved greatly after SDR and I am proud to say that Megan achieved an A in German.  She didn't get any extra time/help during the exams (due to her stubborness!) so obviously we are all very proud of this achievement.  We also had our annual appointment with Megan's consultant at Winchester hospital at the end of 2015. She had her hips Xrayed as she has stopped growing now and I am pleased to say that her hips are all fine which is very reassuring to know. He also felt that it was unnescessary to visit a consultant now.  This is quite incredible.  Pre SDR Megan was under four different consultants and now she has NONE!!!!!  We only receive a visit from a physiotherapist every 6 months.  Megan continues to do stretching once a week with a private physio and continues to live an active lifestyle and visits the gym to use the treadmill and swims every week - thanks for her amazing grandmother.  Overall Megan's life is much easier now and SDR really seems a distance memory now.  I am still very grateful to everyone who supported Megan's Quest all those years ago as we are very fortunate to still have a little bit of money left which has been paying for Megan's weekly physio sessions and paying for her shoe inserts.  Happy New Year to everyone.  xxx

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