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Megan's Story

Megan was born a low birth weight and spent a short time in special care.  When she was 9 months old she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Megan has cerebral palsy which affects her legs.  This is called spastic diplegia. Megan can walk independently but both her legs turn inwards and she walks high up on her toes which causes her discomfort and poor balance.

Although Megan has physiotherapy at least 6 times a week (each sessions lasting from 40 – 50 minutes) to try and maintain her range, her ankles are getting very stiff.

Following a report on South Today, we recently became aware of an operation called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) which is carried out at St Louis Children’s Hospital in America.  This procedure has been practiced over there for over 20 years a very high success rate.  It involves cutting the ‘bad’ nerves going to Megan’s legs which cause the spasticity. Megan's operation is planned for Thursday, 18 November 2010. Following the operation Megan’s walking will be significantly improved and she will be able to walk with her feet flat on the ground for the first time which will then stop any further deformities.  Her balance and coordination will also be improved and her spasticity will be permanently reduced. 

The cost of the operation is over £40,000 and this does not include flights and accommodation. 

This operation really is life changing for Megan and our family.  Megan is the most generous and caring girl, she will always think of others before herself.  Please help her dream come true by making a donation.

Thank you